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Tel: 972-547357788


Artzman is an intimate studio for exclusive luxury clothing, that operates mainly by word of mouth. I have established it out of love and real passion to sophisticated and eternal high fashion.
The quality of the fabrics is an integral part of this passion, so the combinations between ready to wear designs, with the finest raw materials, mainly cashmere and wool constitutes a new and uncompromising standard for the modern woman. A woman that is elegant, aware of herself and her environment, that is not afraid to dress and stand out, but does so in a clever, noble and subtle way. Who loves being unique, impressive, and appreciates quality and finishes of the highest level.

The studio is named after my beloved grandmother that was an extraordinary dressmaker, with whom I spent many hours side by side while she created her magic on the sewing machine. I knew that someday I will continue her legacy. This is my small token of recognition and appreciation for her.


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